Get insight data about any .uk domain. is the #1 deep web site analytics tool for UK domains. is used by domain owners and professional web masters in United Kingdom to compare SEO and site performance and to identify hidden connections between web sites.

Web site information and history

Get a free report about any .uk domain including domain WHOIS, domain history, print screen history, web hosting information, SSL certificates and much more.

IP address information

Get the complete report about IP in use in United Kingdom including IP whois, IP geo location and domains used by the IP.

Web page speed test

Measure the page load speed of any .uk web site. Site speed is an important factor in search engine ranking.

Internet speed test

Measure your internet access parameters like latency, download and upload speed to examine potential problems.

Check if e-mail exists

Want to know if the e-mail really exists and information about the e-mail server? Use this e-mail tester tool.

IP distance calculator

See the distance between any two IPv4 addresses and do further analytics like who is the internet provider on each side.

Reverse IP finder

Do a simple reverse IP lookup on any IP.

DNS checker

Check DNS records of any .uk domain.

Blacklist checker

Reputation and blacklist monitoring tool for your web site and your e-mail server.

UK internet statistics

We have created a comprehensive statistics about UK internet. We process more than 20 parameters like most popular web server, NS server or SSL certificate.

Whois history

We maintain historical WHOIS information of all .uk domains.

Print screen history

Visual history of all .uk web sites in high resolution! It is a great tool to analyze the timeline of your competitor's web site or to study trends in web design over time.

Expired .uk domains

We maintain list of all expired .uk domains including their reputation history and screenshots. So you can be sure, everything is OK with your new domain.