How do I add a domain to
You have probably already done it! Just search for a domain at the top of this page and if it is not in our database we will add it to automatically. If you have just added a domain, you will not see any information about it. It takes some time before we gather all the information about it, so please come back in couple of days.
How do I edit the information about my domain? updates the data periodically and it is fully automatic. It is not possible to edit the information directly, but if you update information on your web site or the domain WHOIS changes, the will reflect those changes after some time.
Do I need to register to use your services?
No, most of the tools and services are available without registration.
How do I remove a domain from
It is easy. Just click on the Remove domain link at the page footer and follow the instructions.
Are the tools and reports provided by free?
Yes! All the reports and tools are free. But we reserve the right to charge for some of our services in the future.